Monday, 29 June 2015

Alternative Curves: 90's Mall Witch

Ruby Thunder, plus size

My first blog hop with Alternative Curves and this month it's 90's Mall Witch. It's no surprise I was looking up some inspiration from Buffy stills. Equal parts effortless cool to awful miss matching, I remember longing to have a mall I could skulk around, hanging with friends in the food court.

Ruby Thunder, plus size

I think I'd have enjoyed staying up all hours in a school night researching ancient demons. Alas no demons and not even a mall. Or a proper shopping centre. Certainly no food court. 
Being a 90's teen in northern England, and a fat one one at that, my dreams of amazing dungarees and oversized grunge shirts were just that: a dream. 
But as with any of us of a generation getting older we take any opportunity to reminisce, and as this old bird is nearing the end of her twenties very soon this was a chance to live the uber cool gothy smoulder I'd had to bypass as a teen.

Even better I had all of this hiding out in my wardrobe. My old faithful clompers, not a treasure from my teenhood but another desperate attempt to be cool. I'd loved Demonia shoes, and now as an adult with disposable income I can totally justify buying these silly shoes. Suck it.
The skirt and shirt are oldies from Asos and cardigan is also old from New Look. 

Ruby Thunder, plus size

Ruby Thunder, plus size

Ruby Thunder, plus size

Ruby Thunder, plus size

Gratuitous and spooky jewellery accumilated from independent stalls and car boot sales over the years. 

I think 90's me would be very proud. 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Steve Miller, can you not?

According to former-fattie Steve Miller, the irrelevant banshee of fat hate from Fat Families, fat people don't have a sex life and are not found attractive.

I can only assume this wretched dullard has some book or some shit coming out soon and he's being especially antagonistic. Maybe he got bored with his cancer rants?
I'm curious to know what Steve Miller *thinks* he knows about the inner workings of other people's lives but considering he appears to barely have a soul I'm not sure he's really an authority on anything other than to hate fat people because he hates himself too.

Like any fat-hater with a platform they are unable to tell the difference between correlation and causation. Sometimes being fat puts you at higher risk of certain disases, but this isn't ever 100% of the case AND it's not the cause. It can be related but that's it. So scaremongering with providing no scientific evidence is pretty standard.

What's interesting about this particular outburst is he's trying to play on a lot of what the fat community works to improve on. Fat people ARE marginilised and kept out of mainstream media, and through blogging platforms and other areas, we work to improve our visibility. By using it against us to contradict us he thinks this somehow gives his bullshit any legitimacy. But it's also a very real, very human element to it that he can use, moreso than trying to push the easily refutable 'science' he spouts.

However, my biggest issue with this is coming from both sides. Naturally people are firing back with their own evidence of relationships, babies, and excellent counterpoints. But why are we even indulging in this narrative that sex and desirability are at the core of our value and self worth? Why is it only when people find us attractive does that invalidate any fat hate?

Someone doesn't find me attractive? Big fucking deal.

Some people aren't interested in sex at all. Lets stop erasing asexual identities with these bullshit narratives. Stop giving creedence to this ridiculous argument. Fat bodies are already fetishized and objectified by those that do want to fuck us. In turn fat bodies are ridiculed and reviled by those who don't. Stop both sides deciding that their fucking boners are worth shit.

Steve Miller, I couldn't care less of you, or anyone else wants to fuck me because my sexual desireability isn't the core of worth. What I think of myself matters more.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Sweet Treat.

I've recently had a bit of a hiatus from social media. For one reason or another I've felt a lack of motivation in my daily life and I didn't have much I wanted to say or share. I've felt a little distanced from blogging and I wanted a bit of time away to hide from everything.
But I'm slowly coming out of it. I've been pottering around the house and garden, mostly. Things are starting to bloom and my efforts are bearing fruit, literally!

With any down time sometimes you need a little treat to pick you up, and what better than a sweet treat at that? This amazing Cupcake Dress in Hepburn by Lady V London certainly does the trick! While the black version appears to be out of stock there is a limited number left in the cream here.
This was my first Lady V London dress and it isn't the last.
As with any vintage repro brand I hold my breath as I get ready to put it on. Sizing is always misleading (I'm looking at YOU, Lindy Bop!) and it generally peters out at a size 22, no matter they label it as. Imagine my shock (and sheer delight) as the size 26/28 slid comfortably over my size 26 body!

Ruby Thunder, plus size

As well as generous sizing I found the material to be excellent quality. It's just a really comfy dress to wear and as someone who doesn't get much of an opportunity to be in anything other than work clobber it's nice to have something easy to wear that looks really cute too.
Oh, and the dress comes with a belt that fits as well!

Ruby Thunder, plus size

To complete the look I added a super bright, pink cardigan from Asda. I love Asda cardigans. They wash well and are lovely and soft. But importantly they are cheap. They average around £8-£10 and go up to a 24 but the sizing is generous and they tend to be stretchy too so always worth trying on!  I have at least 10 and counting!

Ruby Thunder, plus size

To finish the look I added another Asda treat. These gorgeous peep toe ballet pumps. At £6 you're laughing. I stocked up and bought three pairs. They seem to have vanished off the website but keep your eyes peeled in your local stores. They are super cute, comfy, and an easy finish to any outfit. My handbag is a darling 50's style square handbag I snagged on ebay for £3! It has those big, chunky metal clasps that make a really satisfying snap when they close.

This was a really easy outfit to wear around town, and perfect for a summers day.

Vinnie decided to join me and share in my new found motivation!

Ruby Thunder, plus size Ruby Thunder, plus size

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tess Holliday: Not a role model.

When Jamelia recently made some bigoted and ill-informed comments about fat people (and thin people actually) the body/fat posi community took to arms, snatching up the hashtags and filling the blogosphere with a big 'fuck you' to people trying to police what people at any size can wear and how easily they access it. #wearethethey, spearheaded by Debz of A Wannabee Princess, took off. It was trending. It made some news outlets. I felt a swell of pride as our visibility, and our tenacity, punched a hole in social media for the day and we were all feeling pretty proud.
Days like that I love this community and I am overwhelmed by it's power. But there are times when I feel so disappointed in it too.
In a Guardian interview Tess Holliday, an apparently much beloved figure in the plus size community, made some racist and ignorant remarks. When reacting to an incident during the shoot where a black man made some comments to her, she naturally reacted. However, her follow up comment is where the problem starts:

“I do admit that black men love me. I always forget that, and then I come to a black neighbourhood and I remember.”

As a white person I’m not much of an authority on racism, given that simply by my colour I benefit greatly from centuries of it. However, I am smart enough to know what this comment is extremely ignorant and perpetuates very harmful, racist stereotypes of black men. But these stereotypes, and this attitude of being the beautiful, white women that black men love, also deeply harms black women, whose bodies are criticised and sexualised to a much higher degree than those of white women.
What followed from Tess was a very weak “apology”, and I use that word loosely. It was the usual “I’m sorry you’re offended” line. But what was even more galling was how Tess tried to back pedal, claiming that she can’t be racist because apparently there were black people on set.
Not to mention the fact that she bemoans how she never asked to be made a “role model”, but she seems quite happy to use this pedestal placement to further her career.

If Tess is so against being pigeonholed a role model she might want to re-consider her new website banner then.

I have many issues with Tess as an advocate for the plus size community, but it seems one can’t criticize her without seemingly jumping on a hate “bandwagon.” I admit, Tess has been heavily criticized by concern health trolls and that’s simply wrong. People are criticizing her for the wrong reasons. Prior to this incident I found her hypocrisy at advocating beauty at all sizes with her #effyourbeautystandards tag, while fully subscribing to beauty ideals, most galling. But now she can say racist things and barely even apologise for it and there is virtually no repercussions for it.
I am really disappointed in the community seemingly just ignoring that this happened, save for a few headshakes and a bit of tutting. Where are the posts, the critiques, the hashtags? Why aren’t we as angry at a representative of our movement making unapologetic, racist, and ignorant remarks as we were at celebs making fat jokes?

We HAVE to do better than this. We don’t have to accept our lot simply because we don’t have much representation. We, as fat people, should know what it feels like when people make harmful jokes at our expense. We know what it’s like when harmful attitudes perpetuate negativity about us.

We must do better than this. We must. 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Here's What I Would Have Spent: Voodoo Vixen

I'll never get my head around how brands that carry a straight size and a plus size section have such an enormous gulf between what's offered. I appreciate that it's not always just a case of sizing up; that there are cuts and structures that don't perhaps transfer. But certainly with vintage repro brands where they do offer some things, why they don't offer the same prints and colours.

Voodoo Vixen do have a plus size range. Some pieces are lovely, there's no denying it. But the range of colours, prints, and styles offered MUCH CHEAPER in the straight sizes just far outweighs the meagre offerings in the plus range.

Susie Meow-£49.95
Margie Ray-£39.95

HWIWHS total: £196.87

I'm hoping that brands will start to open their eyes and take notice of the part of the market desperate for the same fabulous colours, cuts, prints, patterns, and styles.

Check out the other lovely peeps doing the challenge: